When Should I Sell my Concord Home? Contra Costa Landlord Education

Today we are talking about the best time to sell your investment property. It’s an important question, and ultimately it depends on the return you want on your investment, so you’ll need to base your decision on when to sell with that in mind.

Investment Goals

The best time to sell your investment property will depend on whether your investment goals are for the long term or the short term. If you want it to appreciate to a certain value before you sell, you’ll have to wait until the property reaches that level. If you’re planning to use the cash flow for college tuition or maybe hold onto the property and pass it down to your children, you’ll also need to plan accordingly. Do what works for you because every investor is different.

Market Performance

Pay attention to the local market and the direction it’s moving. That’s important. Here at Golden Gate Real Estate and Management, we update our owners on market conditions, including current property value and the average days on market, etc. so they know what’s happening. We provide this report every six months unless a new market direction is emerging or there’s a big change, in which case we do it more frequently. As property managers we want to do more than collect rent and fill vacancies. We have a lot of experience with real estate investing and we want to help owners out with their exit strategy or put our abilities to work to grow portfolios.

Consider All Options

Investors need to always consider every option. There may be tax consequences when you sell. If that’s the case, you should consider exchanging the property through a 1031 Exchange instead of selling so you can defer those taxes. Or maybe you have five single family homes and it’s a lot to keep track of and you’d rather have a multi-unit building. Perhaps you’re interested in moving to an emerging market. There are so many different strategies and options and you should be open to every opportunity.

When Should I Sell my Concord Home? Contra Costa Landlord EducationThe bottom line is that your exit strategy and timing will determine the return you get on your investment. Watch the market, keep an eye on your property and work with someone who can provide you with a lot of confidence as well as access to resources such as the MLS in your area.

This is a great topic and we’d like to talk to you more about it. Contact us at Golden Gate Real Estate and Management and we’ll help you decide when to sell or how to grow.


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